HEDY Infusion Pump i5 Large Touch Screen

Mode: i5 rate mode, time mode, Drip mode i5 Plus rate mode, time mode, Drip mode, Dose mode, Drug library (Drug name only)


  • 3.5″ TFT Colour and Touch Screen for easy view and convenient operation.
  • Slots structure & fast plug by integrated rail.
  • Anti-bolus function & Online titration function.
  • Dynamic Pressure Surveillance(DPS): 5 levels adjustable.
  • Fast start function to ensure the medication on time.
  • Display the drug name, Event logs no less than 1000 records.
  • Infusion modes:rate mode, time mode, Drip mode, Dose mode (body weight mode).
  • Single Accumulated air bubble detection function.
  • Drug library (Drug name only) for i5Plus. Horizontal flat and compact design with anti-corrosion PBT material.