With the rapidly changing medical environment, the demands of patients and medical practitioners are becoming more diversified.
To meet the demands of customers, we need to respond to their needs and quickly adapt to the changes.
Providing both convenience of use and a prompt and accurate diagnostic process, the E-CUBE 8 will become a great partner for your practice. Your patients will receive individual service and care, and the productivity of healthcare will be also improved. The E-CUBE 8 is a smart, reliable product that ensures high performance
with outstanding image quality and multi-purpose usability. The E-CUBE 8 is the most rational choice for you.



Power Preset
Can load a system preset saved in advance with a single touch
Will shorten the image setup time examination possible

USB 3.0 helping to focus more on patient care
Data transfer speed for USB 3.0 ports is faster
Reducing the transfer time when exporting data for patients or research